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About server.

WWW-server Novgorod Archaeology deals with archeological research in one of the most impressive archaeological monuments in Russia, Novgorod the Great. Unique preservation of organic materials in cultural deposits and inportance of the mediaeval city rises the permanent interest of historians and archaeologists all over the world.

Server developed with the support of Ofen Society Institute in 1999. Information on server was prepared by Mikhail I. Petrov (Archaeological Research Centre of Novgorod State Museum) and Sergey V. Troianovsky (Novgorod State Museum). Web design created by WEB-laboratory of Internet Center of Novgorod State University. Elements of design are taken from ornamental motif from carved wooden wax-tablet of the 12th century.

This server is official server of Archaeological Research Centre of Novgorod State Museum. This is an example of co-operation of Novgorod Archaeological Expedition and Internet Center of Novgorod State University.

Version developed: 30.12.2000.

Research Centre


Supported by
Open Society Institute
(Soros Foundation),1999


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