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Permanent stuff:

  • Alexander S. Khoroshev, head of ARC, Moscow State University professor
  • Andrey M. Stepanov, vice-head of ARC, senior researcher
  • Olga A. Tarabardina, head of laboratory of dendrochronology, senior researcher
  • Mikhail I. Petrov, head of LADA, researcher
  • Galina M. Korotkova, accounter of ARC

Field archaeological research is held by Archaeological Research Centre in collaboration with Novgorod archaeological expedition of Moscow State University and Archaeological Institute of Russian Academy of Science (head - academician Valentin L. Yanin) and with Novgorod regional expedition of Institute of History of Material Culture of Russian Academy of Science (head - Ph.D (History) Evgeny N. Nosov, head of IHMC).

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